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Camp Penuel; Christian camping ministry

Serving America's inner-city, at risk and underpriviledged children since 1973

Gifts & Donations

Please partner with us in reaching out to the lost children of our inner-cities.

You are welcome to join us in reaching the world's children.

Gifts of time, labor, real estate, usable goods and stocks are all helpful as tools to demonstrate the love of Christ.

We ask that you please give of your time to pray for this ministry. You can be a part of reaching the neglected mission field of America's and the world's inner cities.

Your gift can help change an empty summer and perhaps also an entire life. Bring the hope of Jesus Christ to brighten and expand the world of a child.

For more information, please Contact Us.

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P.O. Box 367
Ironton, MO 63650
Phone (573) 546-7159
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D. Joy (Douma) Booth


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Sponsor a Child

Children in Need
It's hard to understand that there are children that haven't heard the Gospel, that haven't grown up with the wonderful Sunday School stories that I grew up with. Some of these children haven't been able to be carefree and live in some of the worst situations out there. They haven't been given the chance to know our precious savior like we did.

The Answer
What a wonderful opportunity for them to be able to come to Camp at no cost to them, but even more wonderful to hear of Jesus' love for them and hear the message of His grace. What an incredible privilege we have to be able to bring them to camp. At Penuel they have this opportunity.

Sponsor A Child
What a privilege you have to sponsor their time at the camp. With rising costs over the years, it costs an average of $300 dollars per child to attend a week at camp. Our goal this year is to reach 1500 children with the Gospel. I'm asking you to join with us in sharing the Gospel with these little ones. Would you consider sponsoring a child? Thank you for your continued support and prayers, as together we reach souls for the Kingdom of Heaven.



Sponsor A Child to go to Camp Penuel

If you would like to donate online now through PayPal
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$300.00 Per child - One time Gift
or $25.00 A Month

Call 573-546-7159 to enroll. Or donate online.

kids read bible at christian camp