Camp Penuel
P.O. Box 367
Ironton, MO 63650
Phone (573) 546-7159

Camp Penuel; Christian camping ministry

Serving America's inner-city, at risk and underpriviledged children since 1973

FREE Camping for Kids 7 - 13

Local Week: July 15-July 18, 2024

Camp Penuel P.O. Box 367 Ironton, MO 63650

Camp Penuel was incorporated in 1973 to provide Christ-centered camping to inner city and at-risk kids.

We are located on Highway 72 in the Arcadia Valley, Mo.

Register for Camp at:
AV United Methodist Church

Pickup Location: AV Pool Parking lot
Time & Date: Daily at 8:30am

Download and Print Registration Form

Download and Print LOCAL Registration Form

For more information call: 573-546-7985 or 573-366-8063

50 years of totally free camps!

celebrating meeting God face to face for 50 years

The Camp is officially half a century old!  Fifty years ago the vision my father had became official.  Fifty years later, well over 100,000 children have come to the camp with over 80,000 decisions for the Lord!  God is good!

This year more children will come to camp and come to know the Lord!  We are so excited to see what the Lord does!

You are welcome to visit us anytime for a tour.  See how the camp has grown and hear about our future plans! 

Come during the summer while the kids are here. Spend a day with the campers, take a tour, enjoy lunch and dinner, and stay for chapel with the children.  You will be blessed. 

As always, please pray for the Camp and the children that are to come this season.  We are asking for continued financial support as well.  Everything is costing more and more in our economy, but we will move forward by the grace of God and your contributions!

We love you, we thank God for you.  Blessings to you and your entire family.


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Book Release

NEW! Donate a gift of $20.00 or more and receive a copy of our book as a special Thank You. Camp Penuel "God's Camp" by Carole Douma


Please partner with us in reaching out to the lost children of our inner-cities.

Our Camp

Camp Penuel in Ironton, Missouri on Lake Killarney was established to bring joy, hope and the fulfillment of knowing the love of Jesus to under privileged and at risk children.

When we let the word of God take hold of a child, God will do the rest.

camp penuel kidsFar too many of American’s children have been robbed of their childhood because of the effects of drugs, alcohol, abuse, and neglect. Camp Penuel was established to bring joy, hope, and the fulfillment of knowing the love of Jesus into these lives. So far we have ministered to over 100,000 little ones. Now God has expanded our outreach to include three campuses. They are located in Ironton, Missouri; Eldred, Pennsylvania; and Esparaza, Costa Rica.

Penuel means “face of God”. It is taken from Genesis 32, where Jacob wrestled with the angel and met God face to face. We want children to meet God face to face at Camp Penuel.

When we let the word of God take hold of a child, God will do the rest. Our role is to give opportunity to every child, opportunity to fail, opportunity to try again, opportunity to express their artistic talents - singing, drama, drawing, writing, picking up things off the ground and making a bookmark, etc., opportunity to accept the love of Christ in their life. Given that OPPORTUNITY, I believe that ALL children who receive Christ in their life will be successful, and will fulfill the God-given purpose for which they were created!